After a year…..

After a year of struggling with my PhD, I started to realise that I need more time for my research.Details:

Started on October 2007: as a mphil student, I heard lots and lots of different opinion, whether it is good to be a mphil student or it is good if you can start as a PhD student, however, we cannot choose , as the university of the department has already stated that you are registered as a mphil student…day by day, I gain experience, knowledge and of course struggling like others….with dua and tawakkal…hoping that He will ease my journey, InsyaAllah..

In between those years: It is now more than a year that I have started my PhD, still struggling, but enjoying my life slowly, inspired by people around me and started to think wisely.. upgration to the PhD candidate went well, but it does not mean that I AM SECURED!!!!!, it means less supervision and more work !!!!

Who inspired me to have my own blog: Friends plus unknown authors….I like to read few blogs feeling that they can talk to themselves…..Thank you for inspiring me…hoping that this blog will end long enough ( as I think I am not a good writer), but I would like to use it as a way of expressing myself…

Now?: Update on my current feeling mode ( unsecure and afraid!!!!!) Hari rabu minggu lepas ( which is on the 6th), meeting with my sv again, lots of questions been asked and was unable to answer a few, he wanted me to present in front of few people that can help me in aswering those questions …once finished, I felt blurr plus I don’t feel like doing anythin. Went straight home and have fun with HIM…

Date of presentation: 1 p.m ( in front of THEM…) adakah aku mampu? sekarang aku dalam process updating the slide ( blurgh the campurisation does not went well) , aku bukan sangat pandai berbahasa inggeris ( especially writing the content–selalu berterabur, as been mentioned by Fiona), sebab itu aku mahu memperbaiki cara menulis ini..( with this blog),

Preparation: Khamis and Jumaat, dok layan citer Merah Putih kat  You tube, sebab mode still berfikir-fikir tentang soalan yang ada dalam kepala:

You have to know what is the hypothesis that you want to answer from your simulation

Termanggu-manggu dengan soalan itu sampai sekarang masih tiada jawapan….bagaimana ye?, tak mampu nak melakukan apa pun …semua dah ada tapi kenapa soalan itu masih tiada dalam fikiran?

Preparation: Sabtu, layan pulak car-boot, macam-macam pula yang diborong tapi, still enjoying and tring to answer those questions, cuba fikir ..cuba lagi…masih tak clear atau aku tak baca?

Preparation: Ahad, current mode: slowly changes from malas to I have to finish thiss!!!!– aku bangun lambat, sleeping with HIM make me does not want to wake up, malas nyer nak bangun and tomorrow aku present depan mereka…jangan la kasi aku malas lagi hari ini. nak tak nak aku still kene siap kan juga..

Started the day, with MU and MC matche, was hoping that they will loose it but…they WON! hampeh tul la tak ape…dah memang dapat no 2 this year.

Now: tgh drawing and editing the hypothesis ( akhirnnya aku dapat idea!!!)


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