Final Submission, Stage Player and Netlogo….

Final submission is today!!!! chill…:D

Managed to make the stage player works!!! last time I was unable to make it work at all…today only spend few minutes and it works fine..FINE…FINE!!!!

Domain modelling and simulation model in progress …hope everything goes well


Rotating your figure in latex

As a remembrance for me as drawing my figure and trying to rotate the figure. Whilst the time is so bored and I have stockpile of work that need to be finished by this week…my model should start as well as my stageplayer should ready!!!!! hopefully I can submit the thesis outline tomorrow and continue working my work as planned!!!

for figure and caption in landscape mode

An update

Sitting in the living room while watching the grand slam without my dear hubby is somewhat boring….He is a fan of tennis and watching the match with him is an excitement. Due to work and commitment, we have to be saperated for a few weeks hopefully. Today was an achievement where I was able to finish those correction , oh please no more please..leaving me with another 1 more chapter to go and today (tonight or tomorrow morning) I need to finish 1 more chapter for jon …and once corrected I can submit it for my thesis outline and I can start do my simulation once finished.

The time is so quick, I am about to finish my second year by then, but I am happy since I am now getting clearer and clearer on my overall research. Another 1 and a 1/2 to go, and I will dedicate these years to do programming as well as writing papers to ceonference hopefully.

Recently was shocked to hear that my x-housemate cannot made it for the first year and need to repeat everything. I should be very glad as my jon really help me..Thanks a LOT jon, without my progress so far will not be this far and I will be stuck in the middle of not knowing what need to be done and I am happy with your help and it is a great pleasure to work with a person like you…

I have aroung 5 days more..hopefully everything will be fine. AMIN

Submission is around the corner…..

I am satisfied with my writing at this stage. However, I am not happy with my diagrams!!! I hate correcting it millions time, thus I will dedicate the entire week in correcting those diagrams and referring to Mark’s progress report as a shortcut on understanding those domain models and how we are about to create it…

Work done according to plan, however this friday, a full submission is needed by jon..he mentioned that I need to submit it on Moday? what? bukan tuesday kah? hihihihih no  difference kan? will try to do the diagram by tomorrow to be exchanged with other chapters that have been submitted yesterday.

In the mean time, I am having difficultie in achieving my goal …following the correct path, this 2 months have shown how I have been demotivated in doing my PhD. I was trying very hard to push myself tapi lots of hurdles la pulak…penyakit M menjadi-jadi sekarang. bangun lewat tidor awal…hayfever sokmo..apa lagi seme la…ALL in 1.

Was able to meet jon yesterday, for a short discussion on the Thesis Outline and he wanted to have a look at the whole structure by Friday and I was thinking that this week is the best time to stop all the writing and concentrating on my modelling and swaram analysis after this…I have around 1 year and the 1/2 to go…

I need to reschedule my time table next week once the submission is done since I need to do lots of reading, less writing and lots of programming next week ..I give myself of 2 months to do the simulation and the rest of the months will be doing swarm robotics stuff…

Now, I have refined everything including the title of the thesis which is great, submitted a paper to a workshop (hopefully will be accepted) and about to finish the thesis outline (AMIN), hopefully will able to satisfied jon and fiona….

See you readers some other time with more updates on my PhD stuff….

A very busy week!!!! setting up a SHOP?

Was very busy this week because need to set up it properly so that I can focus more on my PhD stuff next week. Our shop has started this week, fully functioning, promoting and lots more…and finally ready to serve the customer. First 4 items have been sent to buyers. And here comes few more order ….alhamdulillah. Thus, I need to find lots more…!!! Hopefully cukup untuk saving VISA this time…

Back to work, my next supervision meeting is on Monday 11.a.m. Need to submit the final version of my Thesis Outline plus I student paper to jon.

Sekadar mengingati diri sendiri…. a beautiful song for my ears…