How long do I have?

I have exactly 12 moths left!!!!! I need to work real hard..or else I need to have a LONG extension!!!!!!!! recently, we started the coding part and it takes longer than I expected, setting up everything takes around 2 weeks. My overall plan to finish my PhD is as follow:

October 2009: I need to finish my Player/Stage simulation, which has been started and need to be editted for testing.

November 2009: Need to finish Granuloma simulation

December 2009: Need to finish my algorithm

January, February, March, April, May, Jun, July, August, September , October – exactlty 10 months!!!!!

This week agenda:

  • Slide presentation
  • Eperimental Setup
  • Next week task
  • Letter from jon

my final task is complete!!!!

RecordMyDesktop is desktop session recorder for GNU / linux

It is relatively  easy to use, yet also effective at it’s primary task. As such, the program is separated in two parts; a simple command line tool that performs the basic tasks ofcapturing and encoding and an interface that exposes the program functionality in a usable way.

Not bad, I spend around an hour to understand how it works and finally I understand…:). installation command: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop.

Finally things that need to be done before meeting jon is DONE. I managed to run the swarm aggregation algorithm using my UBUNTU and I now understand how to use movie.sty and record my aggregation algorithm using recordmydesktop. I encourage others to use recordmydesktop to enhance your presentation in pdf format. Alhamdulillah, with Allah permission, I finished the task…and yet to continue my presentation before meeting jon on tuesday….

List of task that I have been doing for the past 2 weeks,

  • Installing player/stage in ubuntu –> it takes around 2 days to resolve all the dependencies issues….
  • Installing texlive and makes beamer work –> relatively easy and it works flawlessly in my ubuntu
  • Understanding movie.sty and try to embed movie to latex pdf…works great
  • Run Swarm aggregation algotihm in my ubuntu and record my desktop to be embedded to my pdf….finally get things work!!!!

Tomorrow, I have to finalise my presentation to for nott’s conference…hopefully everything is OK…I am getting less and less sleep now…I need to work harder now…:)

My Dell Ubuntu now has Player/Stage

Have been cracking my head to do this …finally all the dependencies issue has been resolved

After make uninstall all stage-2.0.4, player-2.0.5 AND the previous
stage-2.1.0rc1 & player-2.1.0rc1, what I did is cleaning the /usr/local/lib of
these (leftover) files:, & (which I believe is the
culprit!!). Also cleared the /usr/local/include of the folders
player-2.0.5 AND player-2.1.0 Extract a fresh player-2.0.5 &
stage-2.0.4, and install it back,

Voila! No more error…!!!! finally finally finally,  Plaayer/Stage at least is working in my ubuntu..yay

PDF with movie

Main reference : PDF with animation

To do this, you should use the LaTeX style called movie15.sty created by Alexander Grahn. On Mac platforms, the TeX-Live 2007 distribution contains this package already, whereas the tetex distribution doesn’t.


Installation is simple: move movie15.sty to a place where latex can find it (i.e., in a local texmf directory), and invoke texhash (in superuser mode) to make latex aware of the new file (if you want to test this first, just put the style file into the same directory as your tex document and invoke pdflatex). The movie15 download also includes documentation and an example. You may also need to install additional packages required by movie15.sty, in particular ifdraft. Right-click on this link and download the file ifdraft.dtx. Then do tex ifdraft.dtx followed by sudo mv ifdraft.sty ... to some directory searched by TeX. Don’t forget to type sudo texhash to make TeX aware of the new files.

Works fine…the output file is here (Note, for mac os X, preview and skim won’t open this movie, I have tried with acrobat reader 9.0 and works fine..) , to be tested with ubuntu after this..( movie is edited with squared 5 )

Tested with ubuntu and no luck at this pont of time….

A very sleepy morning…

current mode: Sangat sangat mengantuk…p playing with ubuntu makes me feel very very tired, I am trying very hard to finish all the task for meeting today, however the boost library seems not working….erghhh….so, now I am preparing for the presentation layout to be discussed with jon, aduh la tak siap lagi juga nih!!!!! experimental setup juga tak siap, it means that I need longer time to finsih all this maybe another week….trying to fix the mediaplayer for adobe to allow movie to be played with latex beamer…I am very tired plus sleepy..need to take a nap for a while and continue working with my beamer ….tutorial on the embedding movie to latex beamer will be followed soon.

Latex in Dell Ubuntu

I am not planning to install lots of packages in my ubuntu since it will be dedicated for writing my thesis, presentation, surfing and blogging….Mac will not been abandoned because my dearie hubby can use it…(I am a great fan of MAC!!!!!). Today I started to install texmaker, latex and jabref to my ubuntu using synaptic and ir works fine.

In the process of downloading email client ( thunderbird of course and setting it up)