PDF with movie

Main reference : PDF with animation

To do this, you should use the LaTeX style called movie15.sty created by Alexander Grahn. On Mac platforms, the TeX-Live 2007 distribution contains this package already, whereas the tetex distribution doesn’t.


Installation is simple: move movie15.sty to a place where latex can find it (i.e., in a local texmf directory), and invoke texhash (in superuser mode) to make latex aware of the new file (if you want to test this first, just put the style file into the same directory as your tex document and invoke pdflatex). The movie15 download also includes documentation and an example. You may also need to install additional packages required by movie15.sty, in particular ifdraft. Right-click on this link and download the file ifdraft.dtx. Then do tex ifdraft.dtx followed by sudo mv ifdraft.sty ... to some directory searched by TeX. Don’t forget to type sudo texhash to make TeX aware of the new files.

Works fine…the output file is here (Note, for mac os X, preview and skim won’t open this movie, I have tried with acrobat reader 9.0 and works fine..) , to be tested with ubuntu after this..( movie is edited with squared 5 )

Tested with ubuntu and no luck at this pont of time….


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