Ready to Rock and Roll!!!!

After a long break, which is great I am heading back to my routine work which is an enjoyable journer afterall if you really know how to appreciate it. This week the sun is no longer showing the smiley face and is hidden by the cloud. Leaves start to fall down and the colour change from green to yellow and it is the best part of scenary I belief for me. You are no longer covered with T-shirt or shirt but now jumper and winter coat covered everyone. The cold weather makes you lazy, make you wake up late and sleep early and you feel that your stomach is always empty and it sounds like a hungry tiger..

My third year of PhD has begun which is not great at all, but I will try to make sure that every single day is filled with necessary activities, which means not only studying and doing program but doing other work as well.

I started this week with cough and  flu and stop doing most of the work as I am adjusting with the weather and trying to motivate myself for doing my PhD related work and robotics stuff again….hope it will remain until the end of the year.


While driving last week, heading to a store to buy our scarves, I came across a song which entitled as Hamzah Asadullah, would be great if I can share with al, hoping that you like it.



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