Better staying at home today…:P

Today is the day where laziness hit me!!! It’s like the weather changing where the mood suddenly changed from `autumn’ to `winter’. It is cold and most of the time I am craving for food, any food….While updating my library in macport, and reinstall player/stage ( wanted to run it again in my mac,  easier to capture and embed movie in the future), listening to nasyid songs …

Recapturing the story of Habil and Qabil

Habil and Qabil were the two sons of Adam (A.S) and Hawwa (A.S). The Holy Qur’an mentions about the story of Habil and Qabil in surah Al-Maidah. Allah (swt) tells us in this surah, that one of the brothers fought against the other and killed him out of envy. The one that was murdered was entered to paradise while the murderer failed and earned a losing deal in both lives.

Here is how the story begins. In the olden days Allah (swt) allowed Adam to marry his daughters to his sons. In every pregnancy Hawwa used to give birth to twins. A set of male twin and a female twin. So Adam would marry a female twin from set A with that of male twin from set B and likewise. Habil’s sister was not beautiful while Qabil’s sister was beautiful and as a result Qabil wanted his twin sister for himself. But Adam (A.S) refused and instead told Habil and Qabil to offer a sheep each for sacrifice. They both did and Habil’s sacrifice was accepted while Qabil’s wasn’t. As a result Qabil became really furious with Habil and threatened to kill him. Habil on the other hand who was stronger out of the two men said to his brother that he won’t commit the same evil act as Qabil rather he will endure patience because of his fear for Allah. (Surah Al-Maidah) On this account a similar hadith (Muslim 4:2214) has been narrated by Abdullah bin Amr who said that the Prophet (saw) said that when two Muslims fight with each other with their swords both the murderer as well as the murdered will go to Hellfire. So the companions of Prophet Muhammad (saw) inquired that it was alright for the murderer to go to hell but why the victim. So the Prophet replied that the victim also had the intention to kill his opponent. Then someone asked the Prophet, what if someone enters my house to kill me. The Prophet replied be like the pious son of Adam.

So in the end Qabil decided that he really wanted to kill his brother and so he tried to kill Habil but didn’t exactly know how. According to one narration by Ibn Jarir who said; When Qabil wanted to kill Habil he first tried by twisiting his neck. So Shaytan showed Qabil an example by taking an animal and placed its head on the rock and then Shaytan took another rock and smashed the animal’s head till the animal died. Meanwhile Qabil who was watching the Shaytan decided to follow his example. Where as in another narration by Ibn Hatim, Shaytan told Qabil to take a stone and throw it at Habil’s head. So Qabil did this and in the process Habil died. Then Allah (swt) relates in Surah Al- Maidah that He the almighty sent two crows which fought with each other until one of them killed the other. So the crow that was alive dug a hole and threw sand over the dead corpse which it placed in the hole. So Qabil in this manner was shown how to hide his brother’s body by digging a hole in the ground and placing his body in there. But alas in the end it wasn’t a happy victory for Qabil because Allah (swt) made him feel regretful and sorry for his actions. In a hadith (At-Tabari 10:219) which Ibn Jarir recorded from Abdullah bin Amr who used to say ‘the son of Adam, who killed his brother will be the most miserable among men. For any blood shed on earth till the day of Resurrection, Qabil will carry a burden for it for he was the first person to establish murder.



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