A wake up call from JON!!!!!

I felt lazy in the morning and plan to stay at home, Today was planning to do some laundry and try to clean the house. But suddenly the sound of duck woke me up..( OOOoooops it was a phone call from Jon) ..He` was asking why I am still not in his office? We have a meeting at 9.00…glance at my watch and it was 9.15 !!!!! how embarrassing!!! I have to catch up the meeting since it was scheduled 2 weeks ago and I need to show the simulation to him and discuss on the next experimental set up. Rushing to the toilet and grabbed my stuff and run to the department and was there in 10 minutes (macam superman pulak dah pagi ini)..The fist word was `Sorry Jon’ I thought it is tomorrow…

Despite the wake up call, we discussed on our PhD schedule. Jon was satisfied and happy to have some running code from me and I am happy to show that I can do it…It was me who never tried hard enough for him. He reminded me again that I am in my third year and he said, he still remember when I first entered the department 3 years ago ….He has a strong belief that I can finish my PhD …That is a great news ..which I think another wake up call for me..Hey!! I am on my third year, no more waking up late huh….

We promised to meet in 2 weeks time for the next experiment, This weekend to show some result…I managed to have some result ..wohooooo but I have to show to Jon first..this week…Occupied the whole week for some coding stuff and again writing it as part of my thesis…


Cheer up and do some writing first, Jon encourages me to give the first experimental result this week…will do and try…:(


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