I am hungry @ أنا جائع

وزوجي امس شواء اللحم المطبوخ ولذيذ جدا

ونحن نأكل حتى الشبع

ما هي قائمة اليوم؟

شواء الدجاج


2010 resolution!

If I can’t fly, then run
If I can’t run, then walk
If i can’t walk, then crawl
But whatever I do
make sure it is keep moving

Snow and cold surround me, hope for a brighter year ahead .. hope to have a wonderful PhD journey in 2010

If I have been standing, then sit.
If I have been traveling , then stay home.
If I have been teaching, then learn.
If I have been learning, then  teach.
If I have been talking , then listen.
If I have been listening, then talk.

Thoughts and Ideas on plotting graph in Matlab

Had a meeting with Jon via skype today as the weather was bad. Discussed on some experiment that I should have before 4th Jan. Finally managed to plot multiple error bar in matlab ..lots more work !!!

load nofault.dat;
load fault.dat;
a = mean(nofault, 2);
z= y/sqrt(10);
b = mean(fault, 2);
d= c/sqrt(10);
hold on;


It’s snowing up here…

yay..it’s snowing…we played….took some pics too..simulation is not completed yet..but shows some good result now..finally the code is ready for the analysis for the faulty robot…so this week just run the simulation for 100 000 secs around 10 simulation times…managed to write some bash script for simulation run, which I tried using C, then jadi merapu2…hope to plot some result esok…some update this week..

Next plan for the code is to add some faulty signal emitted by the faulty robot and makes the other robot moves towards the faulty robot…

more update next week….TUNGGU…

let it snow….let it snow …let it snow….:P

ohooo…let it snow…let it snow…if this is my final year then this this gonna be my final snowy experience…:P . please allow me to extend my PhD to another year my dear sponsor….:P. We are waiting for the snow..tiap tiap malam selak langsir..my hubby was excited , so do I , walaupun dah play with the snow every year since 2007, still want to capture our sweet memory here…..

No update at the moment as I am still running the simulation and try to edit my code so , less activity and more concentration please…

Coding makes my brain cannot sleep at all

What a disaster…the simulation run has been completed and was a bit confused with the distance that is calculated by the formula. It becomes thounsands …was it supposed to be a coordinate? how can I measure the distance if both numbers are different? Satu ribu-ribu , satu lagi -0.45, sudah pasti result dia salah, memang 100% salah …I edited most of it and finally today I realised it is because of a single `+’ sign, ergh!!!!, but I suspect it is not only the mistake that I made….I am still running the simulation and hoping that the result should be OK, the swarms move towards the beacon and finally aggregate perfectly ( please don’t make it moves the other way around….), If not …..again I have a problem with the algorithm and need to be reconstructed…, My hypothesis really depends on this simulation, reconstructing the previous result by the author is a must!!!!

This weekend, I have to write the additional chapters that have been stopped for a while…I have solved most of the things that I need to do after the simulation including Matlab stuff….was suprised with the outcome of the .m from matlab…it fits perfectly with the latex file ( the pdf file is perfect ) cuma dia buat full page, will used my mac to edit the figure later.

On the last 5th, I did submit a paper to MGDC ( that I mentioned before) , it was kind of last minute with the hope that it will be accepted so that I can go to glasgow…they accepted the paper ( it is a colloqium not a conference.:P), it will be on the 19th of January, was planning to go there for a day, if Jon planned to sponsor for the colloqium….hopefully. if not then it is fine. 🙂

My next target is another symposium for swarm robotics where I planned to present my analysis that I am doing now….hopefully jon will agree…and then, another conference in australia that has been suggested by jon ( swarm intelligence)…by february, I do hope my algorithm is ready…

So …to the others who are also doing code like me…it was FUN isn’t , because it really makes us don’t feel sleepy rather we stay awake to think why our code is not working as it supposed to be…mata dah berat, kepala dah sakit, please bugs don’t infect me..I need to be healthy…so that I can do my work…

This week meeting was cancelled, jon was nfected, 😛 thanks jon…as if you know that my analysis is not in a great shape!!