Christmas and New Year break

Preparation for Monday meeting:

Managed to finish up the simulation for nofault and single fault of swarm robotics systems. Minimal no. of robots are being used. To be tested with medium and large number of robots in the simulation run. Alhamdulillah some promising results are generated for the first analysis. At the mean time still converting from stage 2.1 to stage 3.3 for some functions that need to be used ( energy function)

For meeting on Monday, things to be discussed are  about the result pattern and analysis that have been done. Correction for paper need to be outlined ( tomorrow I will do this !!!! ) .

This week schedule is somehow tight and getting far more interesting than I thought it will be. Things that need to be discussed:

  • anchoring problem simulation result
  • what I have done so far in the algorithm development, which is the basic algorithm for recharging capabilities (ideas coming from the granuloma formation of the immune systems)
  • correction of paper that is due on th 22nd of January
  • Thesis audit that I belief more about my work rather than any submission of report, but I do prepare a report for this audit , will be beneficial for my thesis in the future and I think it works ( writing while reading …I cannot remember that much now, need to write something I guess)
  • Finally …finally, I need to think on how to run the simulation in epuck..I have started to think about it now, since I think it will due on January as well.
  • And the signature algorithm that I think will start on February after I managed to run the simple granuloma formation algorithm in e-pucks ( some matlab tool is available to get the result from epuck robots simulation)

Oh 2010, a busier as a bee year for me !!!

Current mode: Whilst the snow is pouring, I am running some experiment using 20 robots to compare result with 10 robots….so far it works…9 more simulation run, Thanks to my MAC for able to run this experiment …alhamdulillah

Things that need to be completed today:

  • Result for N=10 ( no fault, single and muti failure) – completed
  • Result for N = 20 ( no fault and single failure) – completed

To be completed by tomorrow:

  • Result for N = 20 ( multi failure)
  • plot graph for Monday meeting
  • start looking at the paper
  • continue writing on epucks to be discussed on Moday

Upload all at Adrive for backups.


2 thoughts on “Christmas and New Year break

  1. woh woh… speaking arab.. mula2 ingatkan silap taip url dah, kluar masthead lain, siap ada arabic font type apa semua… hehe.. rupanya betul la ni walpolpo rupanya…

    same here. 2010 promises to be wayyyyy busier than 2009. Joy (not!)

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