running aggregation in e-pucks robot

Daily update

****This week schedule is somehow tight and getting far more interesting than I thought it will be. Things that need to be discussed:

  • anchoring problem simulation result
  • what I have done so far in the algorithm development, which is the basic algorithm for recharging capabilities (ideas coming from the granuloma formation of the immune systems) : pending
  • correction of paper that is due on th 22nd of January 15th January : just started , awww…
  • Thesis audit that I belief more about my work rather than any submission of report, but I do prepare a report for this audit , will be beneficial for my thesis in the future and I think it works ( writing while reading …I cannot remember that much now, need to write something I guess): pending
  • Finally …finally, I need to think on how to run the simulation in epuck..

Running my simulation using epuck robots:

Stage 1: Simulating using E-pucks : Done

This is e-puck robot

I need to run my simulation using this robots

We have around 10 of this in our lab

Jon asked me to think on how can I try to run this on the real robot, the first task is to simulate the aggregation problem using the epuck robots from my machine, then the next stage we are going to install the player driver and start to communicate with the real robot…Not sure whether it works or not…this year my life is gonna full with robots. As a start today I did convert the linuxbot to epuck robots…once finsihed then I realise it is slower to run using the epucks robots…that’s why we are using linuxbot rather than epuck robots. Screenshot…

Stage 2: Running player driver – this week task : ongoing