Stuck at adding energy to my code…let’s try again

I have added  energy consumed to the robots….let us check whether it is working or not..Need to have the energy by today as tomorrow I will be quite busy correcting paper that is due on the 15th. It should be submitted to Jon by Friday and I have to prepare for meeting on Monday..ouch!!!

So, lets list out my tasks for this few days :

Tuesday: I have studies Stage 3 and Stage 2 ( lots of conversion need to be done, if I want to use the which is available in Stage 3). For the mean time just use simple energy that has been declared in Stage 2….conversion will take ages!!! and again need to hack the version 3 like version 2 ( stage.hh has lots of error? — or my code is BAD?)

Wednesday: Hope to finish adding energy

Thursday: Finish 1st draft of correction

Friday: More code…mode code….more code …more code…really hope the granuloma formation algorithm is 50% ready ..

Saturday and Sunday – Preparation for meeting on Monday ..

For the meantime, it is snowing everywhere, we had so much fun!!!! we took pictures but yet to be uploaded, lazy me!! Snowmen are everywhere, so, we just stood next to the snowmen and voila…our picture with snowmen..:P , Thanks kids!!. We went to DVD rental shop, rented a few. Looking forward to watch Death Note 1 and 2. Might be interesting..:D. We had so much fun..its snowing, its cold, its January, its my third year…Hopefully I have another year here!!! 😛 ( means my research will never finish this year? 😛