Collecting Resources for Thesis Audit

In this few days, I would like to dedicate more time in reading and preparing for my thesis audit. It does not mean that I am trying to abandon my swarm’s code, but I am looking at how I can link ideas in my research properly, to be discussed with Jon before thesis audit. I have to answer lots of WHY questions and at the same time, I am preparing the conference paper that is due this month. In writing, it is important that every point is linked with each other to have the proper flow from each paragraph ( which is really difficult !!!!). For my thesis outline, I would like to redo chapter 1 of my thesis and rewrite the research problem, hypothesis and objectives to be discussed with Jon and Fiona. The overall research ideas are clear but I have to be careful in putting all the ideas in writing. In my qualifying dissertation and progress report, I did have my initial research background. However, this year, lots of amendment and improvement of my research need to be properly outline.

Things that I need to clarify are:

  • Natural Systems and Swarm Robotics
  • Aggregation in Swarm Robotics
    • Why Energy?
    • How the issues of energy been resolved by the researchers?: A recent publication on moveable charger is publsihed, however it is done in a real robots. I might be interested in extending my docking charger to moveable charger later
      • I need to analyse my experiment in adding charger in my simulation
      • Strength? Weaknesses? – may relate on issues of coherence, need to plot the coherence of aggregation of swarm and look at the overall performance
      • More comparable analysis can be provided and an energy sharing ideas: taking from the immune systems may be relevant at this point.

To be updated

Tuesday Meeting update:

Discussed about things that I have in mind and Jon mentioned that we need to focus on getting the simulation ready by end on the month so that we can start writing paper for ICARIS. Prof Alan is coming to CoSMoS meeting and we are about to discuss on the simuation result in detail. So, now I am preparing for the discussion as well as preparing for tomorrow’s presentation for workers’ day…