Collecting reference again

I realised my references are somehow outdated, and updation is required upon submission of my conference paper. Collection is tedious. 50% of references that I have collected in my first year is not referred at all since during my first year the area of research is still broad. It is a good idea when I started writing a conference paper in my third year as I start to look back on al the references that we have. Jon has suggested that we wrote a paper ( publishable or not every month, so I can start identify the hole in my research, things that I consider important or not should be identified prior to my thesis writing). Having the general outline of thesis is helpful, and as we move on we know which references are important and start writing literature on a specific title. I collected all the bibtex entry and update. Consistency is important while writing the entry, cannot really copy and paste it. I updated and collected my bibitem using BibDesk but for this conference, I have to rewrite since I have difficulties in getting the format that the LNCS provided, there is but it goes crazy with by .bib file.  Below, is the seven standard styles in latex, I prefer to use the apa standard format (author, year) format

Seven standard style

Every computer with LaTeX comes with the following seven standard styles. While they work, we recommend the natbib interpretations below. NatBib is a citation package that standardizes citation commands across many different bibliography styles, so you can switch from using plain.bst to acm.bst without having to change your in-text citations.







8 thoughts on “Collecting reference again

  1. Salam,

    I chanced upon your blog as I was digging up infos on MGDC – the colloquium in Glasgow you wrote about in one of your earlier posts. You must be very passionate of your research as you have a dedicated blog on your research subject alone. Though I don’t quite comprehend what your research is really all about, biologically-inspired computing has always been one of my many side-interests; they are the reasons why I’m surfing the net for hours while what I should be doing are actually my own PhD-related tasks. Somehow I’ve always felt that other ppl’s research are always more interesting than mine. I hope to emulate your passion.

    • salam

      glaswegian…:) thanks for dropping by, this blog happens to just describe my PhD work…sometimes I tend to forget..maybe because I am ‘old’ enough to remember everything.

      about mgdc, my intention is to go, however another conference in oxford is organised about the same time, thus if you are going there, enjoy the conference.

      tell me about your PhD work if you had the time, or dropping by again here..

      Hopefully, you can obtain some PhD related knowledge from here …

      • Hello again, walpolpo. MGDC was a success considering the fact that it was the first time the Malaysian community in Glasgow ever embarked on organizing such event. I wasn’t a presenter but I helped play a small part by chairing one of the plenary sessions. Btw, how was the conference you attended in Oxford?

        My work is pretty much similar to yours in the sense that I do a lot of programming, simulating and debugging, mainly using Fortran and Unix and hey, I’m an Ubuntu user too! I’m basically extending a piece of work on a 3D numerical simulation tool to study the performance of nano transistors – I know, boring stuff so I’ll stop talking about it =)

        Go luck with your conference paper u’re writing now. Writing is a lot of “fun” isn’t it? =)

  2. omg walpolpo… i am also doing this citation thing-a-magic on LyX and it’s doing my head in, actually. I want the Harvard style referencing i.e. (Oyis, 2010), but the closest I can get is using Natbib, plainnat.bst and I get [Oyis, 2010]. I don’t need the parantheses nooooo!!!

    hehe ternyata emotional kan. i suspect i have to customize using custom-bib, tp tgh pening2 lalat la regarding where to start, what to run, no clue. if you can help me out that would be very very appreciated.

    • salam oyis…

      sorry la sebab I can’t really solve is as you have solved it before me…hahahhahaha it seems that I have been really occupied eh..yes I am!!! 😛

      However, refer to anything here as you wish…:)

  3. salam again glaswegian,

    It is good to know that MGDC was a success, a friend of mine informed me that there will be something similar to MGDC in belfast this year, around Jun, will update in the blog for any call for papers in the future.

    Your work seems more technical…:P, writing a paper is ‘fun’ !!!! you know how it feels …have fun reading this blog and feel free to leave messages and comments here …

    • Salam walpolpo

      Belfast? That’s great coz I’ve never been there, so I’m looking forward to it.

      Yeah writing is a lot of “fun” and it couldn’t get more “fun” when you get the reviewers’ comments..haha. Yes I really like your blog and I’ll keep coming again and again to bother you, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve pun a link to your blog in mine. Pls visit my blog but you wont find much programming stuff in it. I blog to get AWAY from my PhD work, so my writings tend to be on general stuff happening around me and my family – movies, weathers, foods, friends, etc etc.

      • yeap…me too…am looking forward for that as well, belfast is a great city I belief, really wanted to go to MGDC, might have a chance in meeting malaysian in maybe? …:)

        Do come whenever you feel like reading stuff on PhD. I would like to write about general stuff but then, I dedicated the whole thing about my PhD…:), for references most of the time…

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