What have I been doing lately?

I have been busy, very ……..in the sense of lots of submission this month..including a thesis audit document, a conference paper and need to update code. The energy, aggregation, upgrade to 3.2, segmentation fault issues (which is just resolved)…alhamdulillah. Enjoy the movie, its only about robots. Based on the previous aggregation work that I have been doing in implementing the problems that I need to solve, I added few things to the simulation …including energy and a charger. Each robot are given a fixed energy, and if their energy is low, they will move to the charger which is on the left side. I am using pioneer2d robots, need to change to linuxbot and epucks later…finally, alhamdulillah all the issues are resolved and it works fine…

What’s next? we are planning to implement the following

  1. lets update the algorithm in 3.2
  2. the granuloma algorithm will be divided into few stages
    • Implement energy reduction
    • Isolate them
    • charge

Lets’ hope next week will be progressive one!! enjoy!!!

I am planning to sleep real late today…since I need to prepare for my thesis outline documents…Soalan-soalan yang agak sukar di jawab….must have evidence for each and every questions, soalan sangat simple….jawapan sangat payah….:(

  1. Is the overall content and structure of your thesis still as envisaged in your thesis proposal? [Any fresh topics, or abandoned topics?  Any insertions, deletions or replacements in the chapter sequence?
    1. Based on Thesis Outline that has been submitted, we proposed to have 7 chapters in the thesis. There is no fresh or abandoned topic included and the chapter sequence will remain the same. We include the structure of the thesis with this form to be discussed with supervisor and assessor for any amendment. (Need to prepare chapter summary for each and what I have done so far…to feast fiona’s eyes…she likes this!!!)
  2. To what extent is your technical research work for the thesis?
  3. What stage have you reached in writing the thesis? [Briefly indicate the state of each chapter — eg. `first draft complete’, or `to be based on a published paper’ or `not yet started’.  Give an estimate of how long you will need to finish writing each chapter.  Provide your assessor (and supervisor ifnecessary) with a copy of whatever thesis material you already have.]
  4. How firm is your target submission date? [Express this as an interval: give the earliest and latest dates that you consider reasonable (barring miracles/disasters!).
    1. Earliest sumission date will be on June 2011 and latest submission date will be on September 2011 ? I think So…:P
  5. Is there any other aspect of the preparation of your thesis that you wish to comment on?
    • Currently, all work is based on player/stage simulation. We estimate that work on real robots would start around April 2010, once we finished the simulation work.
Submitted the thesis documents to Jon today….alhamdulillah, waiting for feedback…need to update and prepare for discussion with both of them. boleh ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZ

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