Multi-tasking …

Was supposed to finish the paper and the experiment…and update the content of thesis and update algorithm….


  • without fault with different no of robots: 10, 20, 40
  • with single fault at different time: t=2000, 4000,6000,8000,10000, 12000,14 000
  • with multi fault at different time: t=2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 14000

While waiting the result….have to update the content as well and listen to this song


Basic Curve fitting in Matlab

t = 0:2000:20000;

p=[10.04  6.02  5.16  3.6 5  4.71  4 2.93  1.51  1.82  0.03 ]

figure1 = figure;

axes1 = axes(‘Parent’,figure1);



a= plot(t,p,’o’);

axesLimits1 = xlim(axes1);

xplot1 = linspace(axesLimits1(1), axesLimits1(2));

yplot1 = ppval(fitResults1, xplot1);

fitLine1 = plot(xplot1,yplot1,’DisplayName’,’   shape-preserving’,…
‘Color’,[0 0.5 0]);

Towards my PhD Thesis

Yesterday was the day  … sv, internal assessor and I sat down together and clarify my PhD work.  It was an important day, where every single day, month and year counts. During this session, I need to clarify every single work and every single chapter that I am currently doing. At this stage, there is no turning back, it is more about how can I finish my PhD. In terms of understanding, questions, need to be answered based on work that we have done so far. I like this kind of assessment, I don’t know about other department in other university, but I believe they have certain ways to make sure that the students are progressing well. We have a 6-month assessment (where they called it as a ‘mini’ viva, but it involves your sv as well).  Way back in 2007, my first viva is on July 2008 ( after a literature review seminar on January 2008). Then I upgraded from Mphil to PhD student in my second year and had a viva on February 2009 ( They called it as progress report). My third viva is on the July 2009 ( Thesis Outline viva), where we propose our thesis outline and discusses with sv and assessor. Yesterday I did my Thesis Audit viva, the auditing process for what I have done, how much writing ….and lots of questions.

In PhD, understanding your work is important. You have to be able to answer all the questions, not your sv any more at this stage. Then, they will think that the PhD title will be awarded to us ( InsyaAllah). At this stage of the assessment, I still can see that there is a question at the bottom of the assessment page asking whether the students research is up to the PhD standard or they will be awarded a Mphil. This is a nightmare.  Assuming that at this point this work is worth a Mphil certificate. For me, usaha, doa dan tawakkal adalah cara terbaik….There is no other way. I give everything to HIM to decide. After putting effort, I think that is the best. Redha dengan segala keputusan because HE knows the best.  I just do my best, If I cannot do anything, I will ask for HIS help…..setiap solat pasti tak terlepas doa itu…Semoga Allah permudahkan, tunjukkan jalan sebenar, InsyaAllah semua akan berjalan lancar.  When discussing, in my previous year, I think my knowledge is nothing if compared with people here, hoping that one day I will turn like them , knowledgeable and always share my  knowledge with anyone ( my students hopefully in the future). Semoga semakin banyak ilmu semakin tunduk hendaknya ….. semakin dekat dengan Allah, semoga segala amal dan ibadat di terima, semoga semakin bertambah iman ….Semoga ALLAH sentiasa bersama diri ku, keluarga ku, sahabat handai dan umat islam semua…Amin

Print screen in Ubuntu

The easiest thing to do in Ubuntu: to take screen-shots/screen captures. You don’t need any graphic application or accessory program. just press ‘Print Screen‘ key and save the image wherever you like. The result is outstanding. By default gnome only provides keyboard shortcuts for screenshots of the full screen and the current window. but the functionality is there …

1. using a gui: main menu –> accessories -> “take a screenshot” :: choose “grab a selected area”

2. to set up a keyboard shortcut: main menu –> system –> preferences –> keyboard shortcuts. then click _Add a shortcut

name: interactive screenshot
command: gnome-screenshot -i

Meeting and more work!!

We had an early meeting ( Jon is always early by the way). Two main discussion for this month is the experiment and conference paper. I explained on the simulation that I had and Jon gave ideas on what kind of result that I can show to him next week.  So I think it went well. While discussing, we look at the ‘algorithmic-novelty’ that I will come out with and compare with what has been done by Alan and his students. I have to be careful and delineate the problem and solution that I am working on and write in properly in the paper that I am writing.

Towards the end of the discussion, we had a chat on my Phd as a whole and jon highlighted that he can still remember on my first year ( ouch!!!). and I know I have been learning A LOT and changes ( based on true story!!!). I am pleased …so did jon.  I know, my first and second year was not that good, but with all effort ….I am now in my third year ( alhamdulillah). Third year is not bad at all, better than first and second. You are getting clearer  and clearer each day.  For me, I have a weekly milestone and it must be ahead from what Jon is expecting. So that I have extra days from Jon. Trying to achieve is hard, especially you can’t really delayed in any more. No more excuses!!! More discussion with friends…people that are doing the same thing with you. Fortunately, in my office, we are all doing swarm robotics..we have Prof. Alan from Bristol Robotics Lab to verify or to give ideas, help us , emailing us with new thesis or papers that we need to look at. Trying to achieve novel idea is not as easy as it is…it is difficult!!! and..doing Phd is another story  :P.

Looking back at my monthly tasks, I have few more major experiment to be done before migrating to the real robot which I think will be challenges. We have 1 more experiment which is the signature algorithm for this week. My thesis audit with Fiona is coming, hope to get feedback from her as well. Jon suggested to send the paper to ANTS 201o, as more robotics people will be there and we will get good feedback on our work ( no matter it is accepted or not). Alan will be jointly writing the paper.

While writing, running some experiment, I did update my bib file ( references…..:P), crashing my MACBOOK hard disk yesterday  ( I want the new snow-leopard mac os-X ), thanks to Time-Machine again for the second time..In the mean time I am updating the content of my big book and writing the experimental design chapter….so off to work and more work is coming !!!!!

Its friday…12th february 2010

It’s friday..12th february..and it is my birthday..old enough to celebrate. We performed ‘solat hajat’ together praying for our future, hoping for a better tomorrow, insyaAllah. That’s me, ever since a little girl, my grandparents forbid birthday celebration, they said ‘mesti berdoa, bersyukur masih hidup hingga ke hari ini’. Kata mereka lagi..’jangan lah dipanggil hari jadi sebab hari itu lebih bermakna di panggil hari lahir, dah lama kita dijadikan cuma dilahirkan pada hari itu…’ alhamdulillah masih ingat ke hari ini walau mereka sudah tiada. We read few sections of hadith 40, alhamdulillah. semoga hidup makin bermakna bila mendekkati Allah. Semoga ilmu setara dengan amal , InsyaAllah…semoga hidayahmu sentiasa bersama kami. Amin ya Allah.

Work wise, progressing well. Alhamdulillah. both algorithm are ready for testing next week. Paper has been updated, submitted ….This month will be ready for testing both algorithms for anchoring and energy sharing and writing a paper for ICARIS 2010.

This week, am planning to start do some writing for my ‘big book’..:P. I have 8 chapters altogether. Collecting all the chapters that have been written in 4 reports submitted to the department, the outline of the ‘book’ is there. Main reference is of course paul’s, nembrini and a new  thesis given by alan.

Without extension, I will have 8 months, :). I am happy as my final year is better than 1st and 2nd. …. I  hope my journey is like this until the end…::)