LaTeX Poster Template

Do you have any latex poster template to share?  I am preparing a poster paper for a workshop this month.  I couldn’t find any poster templates in LaTeX that I liked, and frankly I have started preparing it using open office instead. However, just wanna give it a try preparing it using latex. Found the following template form Mr. google and I think it suits my poster. I prefer to produce a `simple’ but `elegant’ type of poster and since this paper have lots of graphics rather than result, I think I would like to only have two-column instead of three.

I should remember that preparing a poster is very different from preparing a paper. You will not be enlarging your research paper and wallpapering the display board. Your main objective in preparing text for this presentation is to edit it down to very concise language. Use bullets and numbers to break text visually and aid you in the interactive use of your poster.

This is how the poster looks like ( p/s: still have way though….)..

The final version: to be updated after tomorrow meeting ok?

Meeting outcome: finalised paper to be submitted and Alan is happy to involve and go though the paper..:P..The poster needs more graphic…means another version need to be prepared…and finally finally…ICARIS deadline and all experiment should ready this week to be discussed with Jon next week.

Using Multiple X- and Y-Axes in Matlab:

I am trying to plot another graph having Double Axis Graphs for my simulation.  lets see whether it works or not. This is the output…So the analysis shall starts…

Next meeting: Wedenesday 1 p.m over in electronics


5 thoughts on “LaTeX Poster Template

  1. Hi Walpopo, nice poster u got there. May I also add that when I prepare my posters, I try not to have lengthy texts, but lots of self-explanatory diagrams and figures instead. That should at least persuade the readers to stay for more than 3 seconds marveling at the art while trying to understand our work, rather than getting lost in the formulas and then walk away. There’s nothing like trying to cram 3 years of work into a poster eh? Have fun! =)

    • hi..hi….thanks for the tips!!! hopefully it works…hows your work going on? hope to see you in belfast if you plan to submit the paper…..

  2. I see your poster is shaping up fine there since the last update. As for me, I’ll probably not go to anymore conferences at this stage of my work, as I’d rather concentrate on writing up the thesis and probably write some papers for post-PhD publications. Good luck.

  3. walpolpo,
    walpolpo x sihat ke extremely busy? haven’t seen u online for a long while now. i kinda miss ur buzzing2 eheheh. apa pon take care eh. i slalu check sini, tp haven’t commented on this particular post sbb x tau apa2 psl latex n poster template. but do take care, and u r in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

    • oyis…

      alamak…too many things happened la ..kekekekkeke tak sempat nak mengacau you … balik malaysia this week kan? will catch-up by reading your blog later ok? have fun and makan banyak2 on my behalf !!!!!!!! thanks…:P

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