screenshots for discussion

This week is a  bank holiday…tapi on tuesday ada meeting dengan jon…? Things that need to be discussed in mainly about the model, design principles and algorithm development. not to forget need to to test the new algorithm ( nih kalau sempat la 😦 ), sebab at this stage is still doing the modelling part. results obtained from the experiments show the behaviour of granuloma formation and we compare both performance by changing the parameters. Since I am not preparing the model and simulation to feedback to biology, there is no sensitivity analysis to be done…Two different results obtained for early and late infections. Thus, its confirm with the biology but …


Towards PhD Thesis Seminar

Last February, I just finished my Thesis Audit.. Today, as I started flipping my calender, I realised that my Thesis Seminar is just around the corner…Final Assessment  from the department… and it is end of April ? erkkkk

Literature Review Seminar: 15/12/07
Qualifying Dissertation: 30/06/08
Progress Report ( Transfer to PhD): 31/01/09
Thesis Outline: 30/06/09
Thesis Audit: 31/01/10
Thesis Seminar: 01/07/10

My plan for the seminar is to present everything except the implementation on e-puck robots ( as my lab-mates are busy preparing for the player/stage cross-compiler; that will soon be tested with all player/stage code that we are currently working on). Here goes the TODO list before the seminar:

  • Prepare model and simulation for granuloma formation
    • UML
    • ABS
    • Design Principles
  • Update Swarm Beta to Swarm-W : retest code
  • Update Simple Granuloma Formation: retest code
  • Update Granuloma Formation with Signature: retest code

Guidelines from the Departmental Handbook:

The thesis seminar is given at a further short departmental conference (normally held in week Sum/11). The purpose of this seminar is for the student to present the central ideas and results of his/her thesis to his/her supervisor, assessor and colleagues. The goal is to ensure that by this stage in their study, students have a clear understanding of how they intend to present the results of their research in a concise form. In many respects a third year seminar should take the same form as would a presentation of the student’s thesis at an international conference in his/her field of study. Consequently, although every attempt should be made to make the presentation accessible to a wide audience, the emphasis should be on results and not on providing background material. The title of the seminar must be given to the Graduate Secretary at least two weeks before the seminar is to be given. The seminar should last about 35–40 minutes and will be assessed by both the supervisor and assessor. The purpose of the assessment is to provide constructive feedback on both the technical contents of the proposed thesis and the style in which it was presented. Although it is a requirement for each third year student to give a thesis seminar, the award of the PhD is not dependent on the outcome of the seminar. A meeting between the student, supervisor and assessor will take place shortly after the seminar to discuss the content of the thesis and final plans for completion of the thesis.


Current task: writing and coding, just submitted the extension letter…I need extension!!!!

Started with chapter 1 and hope few chapters to follow. This month planning to concentrate mainly in chapter 1 and 4 ( The introduction part and model). The simulation is ready so that I can prepare some materials for presentation later. Followed by chapter 5 next month. Some screen shots of current chapter ( which obviously need to be extended whilst writing:

extend it a bit

and more …:)

Realised that writing needs more concentration ( papers, results, code…and precise sentences……more to updates!!!