the algorithm finally works ….

It has been ages…trying to get the algorithm works ( alan suggested this and yet  everything need to be done from scratch!!!) Dealing with player/stage is another challenging task and to understand it is another story. Once this algorithm works then it can be enhanced and hoping that it will works… The thesis seminar is rescheduled and I think I need few more weeks to run the algorithm and code is only half way though…The anchoring should not occur if there is 1 or 2 failing robots and my results show the other way around…..and after 2 months, I finally get the exact result ( I think ) …plotting with matlab is a definite easy this time  as I have the m-code written from the previous exercise and I just change the data ( thanks to matlab) ..  and box plots are ready for analysis ( still part of it ). Now I realise why susan really encourages us on using Matlab for analysis..looks how clean the graphs are and most importantly, you can save the output to pdf (this is needed as I am writing with latex ) and it is clear enough even how small you resize the diagram.

Current issues that I have is the charging part…I also need to have a rigorous testing with the algorithm that I proposed. we might need to increase the number of robots, increase the number of failures and lots more…to see whether the first and second algorithm can really solve it, We might need to have more sophisticated way of solving the issues according to granuloma formation. While preparing the movie for discussion and presentation…I am trying to add energy to the robots which is fine but..the charging issues need to be solved by this week or else…I can’t show to Jon during meeting.

End of this month, we need to attend the conference in edinburgh and I will be visiting edinburgh and glasgow…hopefully the codes work before the trip!!

Here are some of the movies that I captured while I am running the experiment. With one and two failing robots injected, the swarm still can arrive to the beacon. But once more failures are injected, the stagnation starts to occur…


I am supposed to counting down!!

Am I supposed to counting down? yes I am…however, our group need to reschedule the thesis seminar..Jon’s diary is full for this month. ‘ A last minute notice’ he said. Thus, it will be rescheduled to end of july or august…august? it means that after out ICARIS trip this year at Edinburgh. Anoother trip? yes..because I am now at Belfast, Northern Ireland…:) Happy!!!!

Today, our plan is to visin Giant Causeway here and tomorrow we are heading to Doublin before flying back to York….Despite the flying off, on Monday I will have a meeting…:(

Finally, I make the omega algorithm fully running, the energy added, currently trying to solve the charging issues. Of it works by this weekend, both my algorithms will fully running and I can start experimenting with the charging facility inspired by granuloma formation..I do hope it will ready before thesis seminar..before our next trip to edinburgh…would like to finish everything before 16th July for submission…:)

So…here goes the story, happy because it is extended …:P

19 days to go…..

Sungguh banyak kerja tak siap…hmmm and the discussion will be on this Friday and here goes the agenda…

1. Robots Experiment

  • Omega result without fault – done
  • Omega result with single fault – in progress Wenesday ( must plot graph )
  • Omega result with multi fault – on Thursday (plot graph and send to jon  in the evening for discussion

2.Presentation for Belfast and Thesis Seminar

  • First draft for Belfast – done ( send to Jon on Thursday evening for discussion)
  • Update Belfast’s presentation for Thesis Seminar ( next week )

3. Algorithm

  • k-nearest algorithm done – to be discussed with Jon
  • Signature algorithm done – to be discussed with Jon

Never knows whether it makes sense or not…but half way through doing the algorithm in accordance with Aitken’s algorithm) and need to be further clarified and discussed with jon again… but this is how it looks like.  May add few more lines after the discussion though….hmmm

Before submitted to jon, i discussed with my lab mates and a better version is there…:P hold on …

ada few minor error tu…:) just an example on how it works .. more updates next week because I am planning to run  and obtained result from this experiment later….

24 days to go…

It is important to write the specific goal that I wanted to achieve daily until I reach the milestone which is on the 5th … I have 24 days (including today)……Even though its late already…but lets do something…I just want to prepare the layout of the presentation and a movie  first..

Today :

  • Prepare the latex presentation layout. Outlines:
    • Swarm robotic systems (SRS)
    • An Analogy with the immune systems
    • Granuloma Formation
    • Artificial Granuloma Formation Algorithm for Self-Healing SRS
  • Simulation movie to be embedded to the presentation
    • update granuloma formation movie
    • prepare movie on swarm beacon taxis algoritm

The updated simulation is as this, need to change the e-puck later

Counting days

Last week, I had a YCCSA lab meeting seminar and it was a preparation towards my final thesis seminar. The thesis seminar is meant for the 3rd year student ( which is me), I am in my 3rd year and on this October, I will officially be on my 4th year of Phd… At this point, time is like flying away…My thesis seminar is scheduled on the 5th July 2010 and before that will give a presentation in UMIES 2010. This presentation will give a chance for me to improve my presentation for the thesis seminar.

I will start to update the content of my presentation for next meeting so that Jon can go through before presenting to UMIES 2010 and my thesis seminar. Will update on my progress in preparing the slide, simulation and my experiment…

This few days, I need to update my baseline studies based on the algorithm that I have prepared and compare with the experiment obtained from the bristol lab. My next week , I do hope my simple and extended version of my algorithm are ready to be tested…so that I can present the outcome during the seminar.

It is a tiring journey, sleepless night…..but it is the learning curve that I have gone through…will never surrender…

Final Year Thesis Seminar ….:(

Got a scary email !!!! THESIS SEMINAR!!!!!

Dear All,

The final year PhD Thesis Seminars and some 1st year Literature Reviews are due at the start of July, but I am aware term finishes on the 2nd. Please see provisional timetable below – if heads of research groups wish to change dates, is possible, but only after 5 July (before there are no rooms available).


DATE: 5 July
CHAIR: J Timmis/R Paige

09.30 (ITS ME) – J Timmis/F Polack
10.15 MR – J Timmis/J Clark
11.00 – COFFEE
11.30 LR- R Paige/F Polack
12.15 MT – R Paige-F Polack/I Bate
13.00- LUNCH
14.00 Lishan Harbird – R Paige/S Stepney
14.45 Tim Hoverd – S Stepney/R Paige
15.30 – END