Its Friday ….

I am up …reasons are the meeting is supposed to be on Monday, but canceled and rescheduled. Move to Friday afternoon ..then moved again to Friday morning. Yesterday night, trying to achieve this week target and realised that lots more need to be done and really hope now the thesis seminar will be scheduled in august, the single charging is fine but, the 3 nearest and 3 nearest with most energy is not yet ready

  • w-algorithm with failures
  • update bibliography for conference ( bibliography for thesis? Has to be updated!!! – bring to next week!!)
  • update paper for jon/alan ( added with result from single charging ) .  Hope the 3 nearest is ready by this weekend.
  • prepare movies for seminar and meeting
  • update presentation for thesis seminar ( half way) – need to do this next week…:( no time seriously!!!
  • run few experiments for granuloma algorithm ( single charger , 3 nearest charger -must be this week )
  • update analysis ( velocity of robots, standard deviation….)
  • finalised paper – finalised by Monday to be forwarded to Jon and Alan ( might need a major change, knowing Alan.. a precise reader

I am hoping that all simulation is ready by July as I would like to start reading and preparing for real robot experiments. It will take few months ( knowing my ability in coding was not really good. Have to be really early today so that I can spend the evening at home and do light reading. I guess this is the 3rd year symptom, you barely can sleep. Reasons be lots of work that need to be done …meeting, conference paper, presentations is all over the places. And this is the year when you really know what you really wanted to do…how to do it. All these questions will never be answered in the first year, some are answered in second year and most are answered in 3rd year ( which is the year that you should spending for writing the thesis, running the experiment, debugging the codes, planning for holidays 🙂 and lots more, you just name it!!! ) and I am now towards the end of my 3rd year. Alhamdulillah, up to this time I am still happy, working with Jon and working with my PhD. Lots of supports from them esp my the other half, family and friends.But it is me that need to accomplish this task…not the others.

ohoo…need to prepare for school ….will update more if there is any achievement today!!!! hopefully there is..Finally…cantikkan keindahan alam di northern ireland?


and finally the meeting is over ;), current work is more on determining the right hypothesis and right experiments to test the hypothesis. so back to work and running the experiment today…so happy weekends…rest and rest and movie time!!!!!


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