A long hiatus….

My last entry was posted on the 13th of May 2011 and I stopped writing in here for more than a year now.:) Lots of things had occurred within a year and basically I have:

  • ended my PhD journey – September 2011
  • done my viva with minor corrections – September 2011
  • started work – October 2011
  • delivered a baby girl – January 2012
  • completed my thesis correction 🙂

Why now? as I thought it is a total waste to just abandon the blog…therefore, I will continue on writing as much as possible in here …

A quick one for Latex Spelling and Grammar Check…

While correcting my thesis, I have been using texniccentre in my office PC running with windows operating systems…its quite easy to check the spelling error using it. However, when running my ubuntu I found it rather difficult to check my spelling error…(Fiona kept on highlighting my spelling error) ..there is no green or red  line indicating error in KILE but you can do the following:

Spell check using aspell

  1. Close the editor for the file, otherwise the file cannot be updated.
  2. Type aspell --mode=tex -c filename in the terminal — so in this example type aspell --mode=tex -c check.tex.
  3. The programme will show the typos one by one. Suggestions for corrections are given as well.
  4. At the end your original Latex file will be updated.

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