On research and teaching ..

  • I am currently co-supervising three students who are doing prediction using Artificial Immune Systems. They are doing prediction on rainfall, streamline and waste. The supervision task for Msc and PhD is quite interesting as the three of them are not my students but they are from other university. Thanks to Prof Siti for introducing me to her colleague in Uniten allowing me to obtain supervision experience. There again, another 2 PhD students will start on end of the year and will start co-supervising them on monthly basis..
  • I also helped a friend of mine doing an Islamic-oriented research in my university. Even though it does not deals a lot with my area, but I found it beneficial in terms of learning about research and grants …etc…
  • At the same time jon, alan and I will be running my code in symbrion simulator starting next month..This is basically the extension of my PhD work which will again involves lots of experiments and results analysis. We will be preparing the journal to be submitted again this year..hopefully.
  • Since I have not been teaching since I came back to Malaysia, I will be teaching for short semester which will begin next month, thus preparing for the slides and teaching material is again another task.
  • But the best thing of all this teaching and research work, I am happy to be a mother to my 4 months Wafida. Sleepless night is no more a nightmare and i enjoy every single day looking at her face and behaviour.

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