Many congratulations to myself

I am indeed very happy. Alhamdulillah. Last year was the end of my PhD in Y**K U*******Y.

My viva took place on the 27th of Septermber 2011, a few days before I flew back to Malaysia. It took around three hours in general and it was a nighmare. Both examiners asked lots of questions and asked me to do lots of explanations. After the battle, they seemed pleased with the thesis but I need to do corrections with some of the structure of the thesis.

Even though I had completed my viva, it did not mean that I have obtained my PhD. 2 months were given for the corrections but since I am already back in my country, the correction lists came late until early December. Then at that point I was heavily pregnant and about to deliver my precious baby. I managed to complete half of the corrections and completed most of it after my confinement period and yesterday, I received an email that totally end my PhD work.


I’ve checked the finished thesis, and it looks really good: well done.

I’ve given the form stating that it has passed to J***th in the department, to forward to the University.

All the best,


To those who are still struggling , your time will definitely end sooner or later. Have faith and work hard to achieve it. InsyaAllah.



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