What makes me write again?

My last post was wayyyy to long ago….But I think I wanna write again. Previously this blog is about my life during my PhD …. my Robotics stuff and others. All these will remain and now will expended…lets see whats up with me now 😉 see you guys around


January 2013

On the 17th, Wafida is one year old. We had fun with her through this 1 year. Everything seems so perfect and I am happy to have her. She is now an active baby of mine…

Work wise, I am occupied….Currently, classes have not started and I am enjoying the break..:) Went to the office around 11; arrive at 1130 and spending 5 productive hours in marking, doing research and lots of thing. Gossiping is not in the list anymore.

Next semester, I will have a MsC student, 7 FYP students (Rahman passed this sem!! good for him), 3 different classes to teach and co-supervising 3 Masters and 2 PhD students!!

Research: Endowment is about to end and we are now doing our RAGS….planning for another one with a student of mine….


This term

Starts the term last 2 weeks…not much time but so many work…Wafida is in her 8th month now…Miss her every bits!!

She is taking nap right now thus I have time to write some thoughts here.


Life is more challenging now…Need to have lots of energy !!!!!

Ramadhan Kareem

First day of ramadhan, alhamdulillah ya Allah.

Doing some credit transfer task today and whilst checking the course outline I saw a name that I know when I was doing my MsC in U** SK****. We are near yet too far ..:).

Wafida is not 6 months plus..healthy baby!!

Shukran ya Allah

After 4 years

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching after more than 4 years….I am a bit nervous, I am supposed to complete the lecture slides but it ended up I completed the slides just now…:P. Preparation will be more challenging as I am now have to adapt on my new timing. My Wafida is in her deep sleep now and I am ready to sleep next to her now. 

My baby turns 5 today

I am blessed to have my baby for 5 months now….Even though life is upside down sometime, but I am happy to be with her 🙂

Class will begin next week…I am still in the midst of preparing slides etc.  Supervising the MSc and PhD students are real challenge!!. On September I will have my own PhD student doing swarm robotics. Should learn on how to manage my time in supervising, teaching and being a mom and a wife at the same time, On top of that, I had my first experience in examining a MSc student this week, and now becoming her post-viva supervisor. 

Will update definitely later …




What’s next?

For me , it is important to make sure that the research in AIS and swarm robotics to continue. Therefore me and I PhD office mate a.k.a K*** La* will start thinking about what we should do next ..@#$##%#%#%. We were both supervised by J** T****s and have lots of thing in common. In terms of research, we did more a less the same research and we discussed a lot!! He helped me during my tough time and so did I.  He completed his last month and I completed mine this month ( he started later than me anyway!!). But the main thing is after the hurdles, we managed to survive.