Thesis outline viva …another success story

Alhamdulillah as I managed to complete the viva today, Jon and Fiona gave a wonderful feedback and I am really happy….I am now preparing to finish the control algorithm for swarm aggregation and hopefully I can managed to run it using my mac this time….

For the meantime, jon is trying to fix the broken linux laptop for me so I can use it since it is difficult to show the simulation to him. If I can borrow it from him than it will be great enough!!! I don’t have to buy a new one and can use the laptop for simulation and analysis

Should be fine and great!!!!

Current status: overall result is fine, just finish your task !!!!


Final Submission, Stage Player and Netlogo….

Final submission is today!!!! chill…:D

Managed to make the stage player works!!! last time I was unable to make it work at all…today only spend few minutes and it works fine..FINE…FINE!!!!

Domain modelling and simulation model in progress …hope everything goes well