:The thesis:

Whilst studying on running the code with epuck robots, this month, I would like to complete the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction -> Completed

Chapter 3: Biological and Artificial Immune Systems

Chapter 4: A Model and Simulation of Granuloma Formation -> First draft of ICARIS paper hopefully

Chapter 6: Result and Analysis From Simulation -> Completed (Submitted to Alan and Jon for further discussion)



Excerpt from chapter 1 of the thesis…

In this introductory chapter, we present both a motivation and overview of the work detailed in this thesis. First, section 1.1 provides the thesis motivation and inspiration by describing the background work. This is followed by section 1.2 with an examination of the structure and content of the thesis, stating our goal, research questions and contribution of the research.

1.1      Motivation
Despite the enormous bio-inspired algorithms that have been developed, there is few that addresses on how bio-inspired algorithm should be developed and where it should be applied to. The motivation behind the work presented in this thesis is to investigate the issues within the context of immuno-engineering that develops a biologically-inspired algorithm to be applied to issues in fault tolerance in swarm robotic systems.



In my final year of doing research, I realise that I need do parallel tasks simultaneously.  Name it as writing, coding, analysing and lots more. I started being a parallel ‘machine’ during my third year and it continues for my final year ( which is 4 ). At this moment, the my pc is really busy running 40 x 5 test cases simulation runs and I have just finished analysing all the desired results obtained from my previous simulation runs. I have managed to put the paper together and preparing for the final editing, which is writing the abstract and conclusion. This will be then submitted to Jon and next week, I will start preparing the journal paper for the robustness analysis. It will generally take around 3-4 weeks I guess. In parallel, I am actually trying to understand on programming the e-puck robots. Most of the time I will be trying the code when I cannot really sleep at night. I do have a sleepless night nowadays.  🙂

In writing the thesis, I have to take into consideration on the  spelling, grammar, sentence structure and most importantly is plagiarism. ..so lets see what the tool says about this abstract: ( http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/)

unfortunately it is not free,  a subscription fees of 8USD need to be paid every month ( I will save this one until I really into my writing later!!)

I also enjoyed using this tool: http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/ . it will roughly check the grammar, sentences and gives a thesaurus if you want to find a more sophisticated words..

alhamdulillah 1 paper has been send to jon for his comment…update the thesis chapter tomorrow and ready for another analysis and also preparing for the journal….

can refer to others as well:



the other good one is: http://www.ghotit.com/dyslexia-online-spell-check.shtml

Its Friday ….

I am up …reasons are the meeting is supposed to be on Monday, but canceled and rescheduled. Move to Friday afternoon ..then moved again to Friday morning. Yesterday night, trying to achieve this week target and realised that lots more need to be done and really hope now the thesis seminar will be scheduled in august, the single charging is fine but, the 3 nearest and 3 nearest with most energy is not yet ready

  • w-algorithm with failures
  • update bibliography for conference ( bibliography for thesis? Has to be updated!!! – bring to next week!!)
  • update paper for jon/alan ( added with result from single charging ) .  Hope the 3 nearest is ready by this weekend.
  • prepare movies for seminar and meeting
  • update presentation for thesis seminar ( half way) – need to do this next week…:( no time seriously!!!
  • run few experiments for granuloma algorithm ( single charger , 3 nearest charger -must be this week )
  • update analysis ( velocity of robots, standard deviation….)
  • finalised paper – finalised by Monday to be forwarded to Jon and Alan ( might need a major change, knowing Alan.. a precise reader

I am hoping that all simulation is ready by July as I would like to start reading and preparing for real robot experiments. It will take few months ( knowing my ability in coding was not really good. Have to be really early today so that I can spend the evening at home and do light reading. I guess this is the 3rd year symptom, you barely can sleep. Reasons be lots of work that need to be done …meeting, conference paper, presentations is all over the places. And this is the year when you really know what you really wanted to do…how to do it. All these questions will never be answered in the first year, some are answered in second year and most are answered in 3rd year ( which is the year that you should spending for writing the thesis, running the experiment, debugging the codes, planning for holidays 🙂 and lots more, you just name it!!! ) and I am now towards the end of my 3rd year. Alhamdulillah, up to this time I am still happy, working with Jon and working with my PhD. Lots of supports from them esp my the other half, family and friends.But it is me that need to accomplish this task…not the others.

ohoo…need to prepare for school ….will update more if there is any achievement today!!!! hopefully there is..Finally…cantikkan keindahan alam di northern ireland?


and finally the meeting is over ;), current work is more on determining the right hypothesis and right experiments to test the hypothesis. so back to work and running the experiment today…so happy weekends…rest and rest and movie time!!!!!

This week

Whilst correcting some codes, here are things that I need to do this week:

  • w-algorithm with failures
  • update bibliography ( for thesis and conference )
  • update paper for jon/alan ( half way)…
  • prepare movies for seminar and meeting
  • update presentation for thesis seminar ( half way)
  • run few experiments for granuloma algorithm ( nearest neighbour -this week )
  • update analysis ( velocity of robots, standard deviation….)
  • finalised paper ( to be forwarded to jon )

We will have meeting tomorrow..

the algorithm finally works ….

It has been ages…trying to get the algorithm works ( alan suggested this and yet  everything need to be done from scratch!!!) Dealing with player/stage is another challenging task and to understand it is another story. Once this algorithm works then it can be enhanced and hoping that it will works… The thesis seminar is rescheduled and I think I need few more weeks to run the algorithm and code is only half way though…The anchoring should not occur if there is 1 or 2 failing robots and my results show the other way around…..and after 2 months, I finally get the exact result ( I think ) …plotting with matlab is a definite easy this time  as I have the m-code written from the previous exercise and I just change the data ( thanks to matlab) ..  and box plots are ready for analysis ( still part of it ). Now I realise why susan really encourages us on using Matlab for analysis..looks how clean the graphs are and most importantly, you can save the output to pdf (this is needed as I am writing with latex ) and it is clear enough even how small you resize the diagram.

Current issues that I have is the charging part…I also need to have a rigorous testing with the algorithm that I proposed. we might need to increase the number of robots, increase the number of failures and lots more…to see whether the first and second algorithm can really solve it, We might need to have more sophisticated way of solving the issues according to granuloma formation. While preparing the movie for discussion and presentation…I am trying to add energy to the robots which is fine but..the charging issues need to be solved by this week or else…I can’t show to Jon during meeting.

End of this month, we need to attend the conference in edinburgh and I will be visiting edinburgh and glasgow…hopefully the codes work before the trip!!

Here are some of the movies that I captured while I am running the experiment. With one and two failing robots injected, the swarm still can arrive to the beacon. But once more failures are injected, the stagnation starts to occur…

screenshots for discussion

This week is a  bank holiday…tapi on tuesday ada meeting dengan jon…? Things that need to be discussed in mainly about the model, design principles and algorithm development. not to forget need to to test the new algorithm ( nih kalau sempat la 😦 ), sebab at this stage is still doing the modelling part. results obtained from the experiments show the behaviour of granuloma formation and we compare both performance by changing the parameters. Since I am not preparing the model and simulation to feedback to biology, there is no sensitivity analysis to be done…Two different results obtained for early and late infections. Thus, its confirm with the biology but …