finally the wireless works!!!

what a relief…i thought my dell mini was now `good’ enough. enabled all the wireless network hardware , tried every single solution but then , it is still unable to connect.



Folder stuck in the trash?

1. First, open up a terminal session (Applications-> Accessoris ->Terminal)

2. type this: cd /home/YOUR-USER-NAME/.local/share/Trash/files

Typing ‘ls’ at this point should reveal to you the folders and files you’re trying to delete.  Now on to the nuking.  If it’s just a few files, this will do:

sudo rm -f *

If it’s files, folders and files within folders, try this:

sudo rm -Rf *

No more stuck stuff in your trash.

Print screen in Ubuntu

The easiest thing to do in Ubuntu: to take screen-shots/screen captures. You don’t need any graphic application or accessory program. just press ‘Print Screen‘ key and save the image wherever you like. The result is outstanding. By default gnome only provides keyboard shortcuts for screenshots of the full screen and the current window. but the functionality is there …

1. using a gui: main menu –> accessories -> “take a screenshot” :: choose “grab a selected area”

2. to set up a keyboard shortcut: main menu –> system –> preferences –> keyboard shortcuts. then click _Add a shortcut

name: interactive screenshot
command: gnome-screenshot -i

my final task is complete!!!!

RecordMyDesktop is desktop session recorder for GNU / linux

It is relatively  easy to use, yet also effective at it’s primary task. As such, the program is separated in two parts; a simple command line tool that performs the basic tasks ofcapturing and encoding and an interface that exposes the program functionality in a usable way.

Not bad, I spend around an hour to understand how it works and finally I understand…:). installation command: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop.

Finally things that need to be done before meeting jon is DONE. I managed to run the swarm aggregation algorithm using my UBUNTU and I now understand how to use movie.sty and record my aggregation algorithm using recordmydesktop. I encourage others to use recordmydesktop to enhance your presentation in pdf format. Alhamdulillah, with Allah permission, I finished the task…and yet to continue my presentation before meeting jon on tuesday….

List of task that I have been doing for the past 2 weeks,

  • Installing player/stage in ubuntu –> it takes around 2 days to resolve all the dependencies issues….
  • Installing texlive and makes beamer work –> relatively easy and it works flawlessly in my ubuntu
  • Understanding movie.sty and try to embed movie to latex pdf…works great
  • Run Swarm aggregation algotihm in my ubuntu and record my desktop to be embedded to my pdf….finally get things work!!!!

Tomorrow, I have to finalise my presentation to for nott’s conference…hopefully everything is OK…I am getting less and less sleep now…I need to work harder now…:)

My Dell Ubuntu now has Player/Stage

Have been cracking my head to do this …finally all the dependencies issue has been resolved

After make uninstall all stage-2.0.4, player-2.0.5 AND the previous
stage-2.1.0rc1 & player-2.1.0rc1, what I did is cleaning the /usr/local/lib of
these (leftover) files:, & (which I believe is the
culprit!!). Also cleared the /usr/local/include of the folders
player-2.0.5 AND player-2.1.0 Extract a fresh player-2.0.5 &
stage-2.0.4, and install it back,

Voila! No more error…!!!! finally finally finally,  Plaayer/Stage at least is working in my ubuntu..yay

Latex in Dell Ubuntu

I am not planning to install lots of packages in my ubuntu since it will be dedicated for writing my thesis, presentation, surfing and blogging….Mac will not been abandoned because my dearie hubby can use it…(I am a great fan of MAC!!!!!). Today I started to install texmaker, latex and jabref to my ubuntu using synaptic and ir works fine.

In the process of downloading email client ( thunderbird of course and setting it up)

Installing Player/Stage for my Ubuntu

Things that I need to do, first try it on Jon’s ubuntu and then try it in my ubuntu

  • Install latex for my work
  • Install Player/Stage
  • Test Player/Stage

After trying around 10 times…blurgh, finally I managed to run the example, tomorrow I need to copy file from department and try to run it in Ubuntu for presentation preparation and start doing things that I need to show to Jon this Wednesday. Alhamdulillah, finally after fixing the rgb.txt error ( which no longer been supported by Ubuntu, need to copy and paste it manually because the package is no longer there)

To newbies like me, I write down what I have been tried and seems working so that it can be as a guidelines for me as well..

I refer to this documentation for the whole installation process, works fine but I have to a few links until I finally managed to install my player. I used player 2.1 ( 2.1.3), installing take place easily ./configure , sudo make install

Before installing Player, you need to do install dependencies. If you are on Ubuntu, you can simply run :

sudo apt-get build-dep player

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo apt-get build-dep robot-player

Also, make sure you have all the dependencies as listed below:

Some of these you can leave out if you don’t want to build absolutely
everything you can.

For stage, you need player to be built and installed (the libraries actually) and:



If then it gives error for the compiler:configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables, simply run the following apt-get install gcc, apt-get install g++ as mentioned in this post .

For stage, I just run sudo apt-get install stage and it works smoothly on the installation. Finally to run the player/stage whether they are working or not.

Verifying the installation

First ensure that player is in the PATH, by typing:

     $ which player

This should result in the following output:

     <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/player    (e.g. /usr/local/bin/player  or /home/$USER/playerstage/bin/player)

If so, skip the first of the following two lines. Add the these lines to your .bashrc file located in the root of your home directory:

     export PATH="$PATH:<INSTALL_DIR>/share/player/bin"
     export PLAYERPATH="$PATH:<INSTALL_DIR>/share/stage/worlds"

Run the .bashrc file by:

     $ source .bashrc

Now everything should be working. To test Stage, move to the installation directory and issue the following command in a terminal window:

     $ cd <INSTALL_DIR>
     $ player share/stage/worlds/simple.cfg

If you encounter any error saying something like

     err: unable to open color database /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt : No such file or directory (stage.c stg_lookup_color)

…it is most certainly caused by the fact that the X11 color description file is placed in another directory, properly /usr/lib/X11. If so issue the following command:

     $ ln -s /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt

Then try to run the player command again. If the rgb.txt file is still causing trouble, try to copy it instead of linking.

If the player command did not cause any errors, we are ready to test the ability to control the robot from Player in the Stage environment. This can be done by e.g. using a demo located in your installation directory. The demo should drive the robot randomly around, trying to avoid the obstacles. While Stage is still running, open a new terminal window and issue the following commands:

    $ cd <INSTALL_DIR>
    $ share/player/examples/libplayerc++/./laserobstacleavoid

An other command to test Stage is:

    $ stest player/share/stage/worlds/ robot1

Instead you can also try to control the robot yourself, by first starting up Stage, and then a manual control interface by using Player:

    $ player share/stage/worlds/simple.cfg
    $ playerv                                              (in a new terminal window)

Go to the click on “Devices” -> “position2d:0 (stage)” -> “Subscribe”, and afterwards “Devices” -> “position2d:0 (stage)” -> “Control”. Then, by moving the red square, you should be able to control the robot in the Stage window.

rgb.txt issues

I actually cannot resolve this issues because I am a newbie to ubuntu, so I try all the suggestion given from most of the webpages. You may need to tweak the location of the RGB colour file; it may be located in /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt on your machine. Please note that recent versions of Ubuntu do not distribute this file (bug 300935). To fix this, download media:rgb.txt, then copy it to /etc/X11/rgb.txt as root.

sudo apt-get install –reinstall x11-common

Copying as root : another simple issue

So how to get permission in copying file as root? I follow this link and it gives good suggestion. In Ubuntu you use ‘sudo’ in place of root. The command would be something like:

you have to perform the commands with the “sudo” command, like this:
sudo mv /home/foo/bar.text /root
in a terminal
or if you use the file browser do this:
sudo nautilus
in a terminal

if the sudo command asks you for you password, enter your user password you use to log in.

Don’t forget to link it sudo ln -s /etc/X11/rgb.txt
All works fine and finally it the example works perfectly..awesome!!!!!
I personally list out the link in case I need to refer to them in the future
jon@jon-laptop:~$ sudo nautilus
Initializing nautilus-share extension
seahorse nautilus module initialized

** (nautilus:9976): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Operation not supported
Nautilus-Share-Message: Called “net usershare info” but it failed: ‘net usershare’ returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory
Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.

Nautilus-Share-Message: Called “net usershare info” but it failed: ‘net usershare’ returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory
Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.

** Stage plugin v2.1.0rc2 **
* Part of the Player/Stage Project []
* Copyright 2000-2006 Richard Vaughan, Andrew Howard, Brian Gerkey
* and contributors. Released under the GNU General Public License v2.
Stage driver creating 1 device
6665.31.0 is a Stage world [Loading ./][Include][Include][Include]
err: unable to open color database: No such file or directory (stage.c stg_lookup_color)
Segmentation fault
jon@jon-laptop:/usr/share/stage/worlds$ ln -s /etc/X11/rgb.txt
ln: creating symbolic link `./rgb.txt’: Permission denied
jon@jon-laptop:/usr/share/stage/worlds$ sudo ln -s /etc/X11/rgb.txt
jon@jon-laptop:/usr/share/stage/worlds$ player simple.cfg